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English noun: contrivance

1. contrivance (artifact) a device or control that is very useful for a particular job

Synonymsappliance, contraption, convenience, gadget, gismo, gizmo, widget

Broader (hypernym)device

Narrower (hyponym)gadgetry, gimbal, injector, mod con

2. contrivance (cognition) the faculty of contriving; inventive skill

SamplesHis skillful contrivance of answers to every problem.

Broader (hypernym)conception, design, excogitation, innovation, invention

3. contrivance (cognition) an elaborate or deceitful scheme contrived to deceive or evade

SamplesHis testimony was just a contrivance to throw us off the track.

Synonymsdodge, stratagem

Broader (hypernym)scheme, strategy

Narrower (hyponym)plant, pump-and-dump scheme, wangle, wangling

4. contrivance (cognition) an artificial or unnatural or obviously contrived arrangement of details or parts etc.

SamplesThe plot contained too many improbable contrivances to be believable.

Broader (hypernym)arrangement, organisation, organization, system

5. contrivance (artifact) any improvised arrangement for temporary use


Broader (hypernym)arrangement

Narrower (hyponym)patch, temporary hookup

6. contrivance (act) the act of devising something


Broader (hypernym)invention

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