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English adjective: rearward

1. rearward located in or toward the back or rear

SamplesThe chair's rear legs.
The rear door of the plane.
On the rearward side.




2. rearward directed or moving toward the rear

SamplesA rearward glance.
A rearward movement.




English noun: rearward

1. rearward (location) direction toward the rear

SamplesHis outfit marched to the rearward of the tank divisions.

Broader (hypernym)back end, backside, rear

English adverb: rearward

1. rearward at or to or toward the back or rear

SamplesHe moved back.
Tripped when he stepped backward.
She looked rearward out the window of the car.

Synonymsback, backward, backwards, rearwards

Antonymsforrad, forrard, forward, forwards, frontward, frontwards

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