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English noun: flight

1. flight (group) a formation of aircraft in flight

Broader (hypernym)formation

2. flight (act) an instance of traveling by air

SamplesFlying was still an exciting adventure for him.


Broader (hypernym)air, air travel, aviation

Narrower (hyponym)acrobatics, aerobatics, ballooning, blind flying, blind landing, fly-by, flyover, flypast, glide, gliding, low level flight, maiden flight, overflight, pass, sailing, sailplaning, soaring, solo, sortie, stunt flying, stunting, terrain flight

3. flight (artifact) a stairway (set of steps) between one floor or landing and the next

Synonymsflight of stairs, flight of steps

Broader (hypernym)staircase, stairway

4. flight (act) the act of escaping physically

SamplesHe made his escape from the mental hospital.
The canary escaped from its cage.
His flight was an indication of his guilt.


Broader (hypernym)running away

Narrower (hyponym)break, breakout, evasion, exodus, gaolbreak, getaway, hegira, hejira, jailbreak, lam, prison-breaking, prisonbreak, skedaddle

Instance hyponymHegira, Hejira, Underground Railroad, Underground Railway

5. flight (group) an air force unit smaller than a squadron

Broader (hypernym)air unit

6. flight (cognition) passing above and beyond ordinary bounds

SamplesA flight of fancy.
Flights of rhetoric.
Flights of imagination.

Broader (hypernym)creative thinking, creativeness, creativity

7. flight (phenomenon) the path followed by an object moving through space


Broader (hypernym)mechanical phenomenon

Narrower (hyponym)ballistic trajectory, ballistics, gravity-assist

8. flight (group) a flock of flying birds

Broader (hypernym)flock

9. flight (act) a scheduled trip by plane between designated airports

SamplesI took the noon flight to Chicago.

Broader (hypernym)trip

Narrower (hyponym)connecting flight, direct flight, domestic flight, international flight, nonstop, nonstop flight, redeye, redeye flight

English verb: flight

1. flight (social) shoot a bird in flight

Pattern of useSomebody ----s something

Broader (hypernym)pip, shoot

2. flight (motion) fly in a flock

SamplesFlighting wild geese.

Pattern of useSomething ----s

Broader (hypernym)fly, wing

3. flight (creation) decorate with feathers

SamplesFledge an arrow.


Pattern of useSomebody ----s something

Broader (hypernym)adorn, beautify, decorate, embellish, grace, ornament

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