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English adjective: consonant

1. consonant involving or characterized by harmony

Synonymsharmonic, harmonical, harmonised, harmonized


Antonymsinharmonious, unharmonious

2. consonant in keeping

SamplesSalaries agreeable with current trends.
Plans conformable with your wishes.
Expressed views concordant with his background.

Synonymsaccordant, agreeable, concordant, conformable



English noun: consonant

1. consonant (communication) a speech sound that is not a vowel

Broader (hypernym)phone, sound, speech sound

Narrower (hyponym)alveolar, alveolar consonant, aspirate, dental, dental consonant, geminate, guttural, guttural consonant, labial, labial consonant, labiodental, labiodental consonant, lingual, liquid, nasal, nasal consonant, obstruent, pharyngeal, pharyngeal consonant, surd, velar, velar consonant, voiceless consonant

Antonymsvowel, vowel sound

2. consonant (communication) a letter of the alphabet standing for a spoken consonant

Broader (hypernym)alphabetic character, letter, letter of the alphabet

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