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English noun: bugle

1. bugle (artifact) a brass instrument without valves; used for military calls and fanfares

Broader (hypernym)brass, brass instrument

2. bugle (plant) any of various low-growing annual or perennial evergreen herbs native to Eurasia; used for ground cover


Broader (hypernym)herb, herbaceous plant

Narrower (hyponym)Ajuga chamaepitys, Ajuga genevensis, Ajuga pyramidalis, Ajuga reptans, blue bugle, creeping bugle, erect bugle, ground pine, pyramid bugle, yellow bugle

Member meronymAjuga, genus Ajuga

3. bugle (artifact) a tubular glass or plastic bead sewn onto clothing for decoration

Broader (hypernym)bead

English verb: bugle

1. bugle (creation) play on a bugle

Pattern of useSomebody ----s something

Broader (hypernym)play, spiel

Domain categorymusic

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