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English noun: bodily cavity

1. bodily cavity (body) (anatomy) a natural hollow or sinus within the body

Synonymscavity, cavum

Broader (hypernym)anatomical structure, bodily structure, body structure, complex body part, structure

Narrower (hyponym)abdomen, abdominal cavity, amniotic cavity, antrum, archenteron, armpit, axilla, axillary cavity, axillary fossa, blastocele, blastocoel, blastocoele, blind gut, buccal cavity, bursa omentalis, caecum, cecum, celom, celoma, chamber, chest cavity, cleavage cavity, cloaca, coelom, cranial cavity, cranial orbit, eye socket, fossa, greater peritoneal sac, intracranial cavity, laryngopharynx, lesser peritoneal cavity, locule, loculus, lumen, mediastinum, middle ear, nasal cavity, nasopharynx, omental bursa, orbit, orbital cavity, oropharynx, pelvic cavity, pelvis, pericardial cavity, pericardial space, peritoneal cavity, pit, pleural cavity, pulp cavity, renal pelvis, sac, segmentation cavity, sinus, socket, thoracic cavity, tubular cavity, tympanic cavity, tympanum, uterine cavity, vacuole, ventricle, vestibule

Part meronymbody, organic structure, physical structure

Domain categoryanatomy, general anatomy

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