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English noun: cushion

1. cushion (artifact) a mechanical damper; absorbs energy of sudden impulses

SamplesThe old car needed a new set of shocks.

Synonymsshock, shock absorber

Broader (hypernym)damper, muffler

Narrower (hyponym)air cushion, air spring

Part meronymsuspension, suspension system

2. cushion (artifact) the layer of air that supports a hovercraft or similar vehicle

Broader (hypernym)bed, layer

3. cushion (artifact) a soft bag filled with air or a mass of padding such as feathers or foam rubber etc.

Broader (hypernym)cushioning, padding

Narrower (hyponym)air cushion, gaddi, hassock, head restraint, headrest, inflatable cushion, pillow, pincushion, seat cushion, throw pillow

English verb: cushion

1. cushion (contact) protect from impact

SamplesCushion the blow.

Synonymsbuffer, soften

Pattern of useSomething ----s something

Broader (hypernym)modify

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