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English noun: group action

1. group action (act) action taken by a group of people

Broader (hypernym)act, deed, event, human action, human activity

Narrower (hyponym)action, action, alliance, assemblage, assembly, attendance, attending, battle, brainstorming, communalism, competition, compliance, confederation, conflict, contention, cooperation, coup, coup d'etat, dealing, dealings, decolonisation, decolonization, democratisation, democratization, desegregation, disbandment, disestablishment, due process, due process of law, engagement, ethnic cleansing, exchange, exchange, gathering, getting even, integrating, integration, interchange, internationalisation, internationalization, involution, involvement, legalisation, legalization, legitimation, military action, nationalisation, nationalization, non-engagement, non-involvement, nonattendance, nonparticipation, nonresistance, participation, paying back, procession, putsch, rally, resistance, return, revolution, rivalry, separation, social activity, social control, socialisation, socialization, stampede, struggle, submission, takeover, transaction, vote

Instance hyponymRestoration

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