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English noun: battle

1. battle (act) a hostile meeting of opposing military forces in the course of a war

SamplesGrant won a decisive victory in the battle of Chickamauga.
He lost his romantic ideas about war when he got into a real engagement.

Synonymsconflict, engagement, fight

Broader (hypernym)action, military action

Narrower (hyponym)Armageddon, armed combat, assault, combat, dogfight, naval battle, pitched battle

Instance hyponymBattle of Britain, Drogheda

Part meronymwar, warfare

Domain categoryarmed forces, armed services, military, military machine, war machine

2. battle (act) an energetic attempt to achieve something

SamplesGetting through the crowd was a real struggle.
He fought a battle for recognition.


Broader (hypernym)attempt, effort, endeavor, endeavour, try

Narrower (hyponym)duel, joust, scramble, scuffle, tilt

3. battle (act) an open clash between two opposing groups (or individuals)

SamplesThe harder the conflict the more glorious the triumph.
Police tried to control the battle between the pro- and anti-abortion mobs.

Synonymsconflict, struggle

Broader (hypernym)group action

Narrower (hyponym)class struggle, class war, class warfare, combat, counterinsurgency, feud, fight, fighting, insurrection, pacification, rebellion, revolt, rising, scrap, strife, tug-of-war, turf war, uprising, war, warfare

English verb: battle

1. battle (competition) battle or contend against in or as if in a battle

SamplesThe Kurds are combating Iraqi troops in Northern Iraq.
We must combat the prejudices against other races.
They battled over the budget.

ExamplesSam and Sue battle, Sam cannot battle Sue


Pattern of useSomebody ----s.
Somebody ----s something.
Somebody ----s somebody

Broader (hypernym)contend, fight, struggle

Narrower (hyponym)dogfight, wrestle

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