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English adjective: departed

1. departed well in the past; former

SamplesBygone days.
Dreams of foregone times.
Sweet memories of gone summers.
Relics of a departed era.

Synonymsbygone, bypast, foregone, gone


Antonymsfuture, present

2. departed dead

SamplesHe is deceased.
Our dear departed friend.

Synonymsasleep, at peace, at rest, deceased, gone


Domain usageeuphemism

Antonymsalive, live

English noun: departed

1. departed (person) someone who is no longer alive

SamplesI wonder what the dead person would have done.

Synonymsdead person, dead soul, deceased, deceased person, decedent

Broader (hypernym)individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul

Narrower (hyponym)infernal, living dead, zombi, zombie

Instance hyponymLazarus

Member meronymdead

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