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English noun: foliage

1. foliage (plant) the main organ of photosynthesis and transpiration in higher plants

Synonymsleaf, leafage

Broader (hypernym)plant organ

Narrower (hyponym)amplexicaul leaf, blade, cataphyll, compound leaf, crenate leaf, dandelion green, dentate leaf, emarginate leaf, entire leaf, erose leaf, fig leaf, floral leaf, frond, greenery, leaf blade, leaflet, lobed leaf, pad, parallel-veined leaf, parted leaf, pitcher, prickly-edged leaf, rosette, runcinate leaf, scale, scale leaf, serrate leaf, simple leaf, sporophyl, sporophyll, verdure

Part holonymleaf form, leaf shape, lobe, venation

Substance holonymparenchyma

2. foliage (artifact) (architecture) leaf-like architectural ornament


Broader (hypernym)architectural ornament

Domain categoryarchitecture

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