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English noun: blade

1. blade (plant) especially a leaf of grass or the broad portion of a leaf as distinct from the petiole

Synonymsleaf blade

Broader (hypernym)foliage, leaf, leafage

2. blade (person) a dashing young man

SamplesGay young blades bragged of their amorous adventures.

Broader (hypernym)spring chicken, young person, younker, youth

3. blade (object) something long and thin resembling a blade of grass

SamplesA blade of lint on his suit.

Broader (hypernym)ribbon, thread

4. blade (artifact) a cutting or thrusting weapon that has a long metal blade and a hilt with a hand guard

Synonymsbrand, steel, sword

Broader (hypernym)arm, weapon, weapon system

Narrower (hyponym)backsword, broadsword, cavalry sword, cutlas, cutlass, falchion, fencing sword, rapier, saber, sabre, tuck

Instance hyponymExcalibur

Part holonymblade, foible, forte, haft, helve, hilt, peak, point, tip

5. blade (food) a cut of beef from the shoulder blade

Broader (hypernym)cut of beef

Part meronymchuck

6. blade (body) a broad flat body part (as of the shoulder or tongue)

Broader (hypernym)anatomical structure, bodily structure, body structure, complex body part, structure

Narrower (hyponym)vane, web

7. blade (artifact) the part of the skate that slides on the ice

Broader (hypernym)runner

Part meronymice skate

8. blade (artifact) flat surface that rotates and pushes against air or water


Broader (hypernym)rotating mechanism

Narrower (hyponym)fan blade, impeller, paddle, rudder blade

Part meronymaerogenerator, chopper, eggbeater, helicopter, oar, propeller, propellor, turbine, whirlybird, wind generator, windmill

9. blade (artifact) the flat part of a tool or weapon that (usually) has a cutting edge

Broader (hypernym)cutting implement

Narrower (hyponym)knife blade, razorblade

Part holonymcutting edge, knife edge

Part meronymax, axe, blade, brand, knife, lawn mower, mower, pair of scissors, scissors, spatula, spatula, steel, sword

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