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English noun: regime

1. regime (group) the organization that is the governing authority of a political unit

SamplesThe government reduced taxes.
The matter was referred to higher authorities.

Synonymsauthorities, government

Broader (hypernym)polity

Narrower (hyponym)ancien regime, authoritarian regime, authoritarian state, bureaucracy, court, Downing Street, empire, federal government, government-in-exile, local government, military government, palace, papacy, pontificate, pupet regime, puppet government, puppet state, royal court, state, state government, stratocracy, totalitarian state, totalitation regime

Part holonymadministration, brass, establishment, governance, governing body, judicatory, judicature, judicial system, judiciary, organisation, organization

Member holonymbench, division, executive, general assembly, government department, government officials, judiciary, law-makers, legislative assembly, legislative body, legislature, officialdom

Domain categoryadministration, governance, governing, government, government activity

2. regime (cognition) (medicine) a systematic plan for therapy (often including diet)


Broader (hypernym)plan, program, programme

Domain categorymedical specialty, medicine

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