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English noun: hurting

1. hurting (state) a symptom of some physical hurt or disorder

SamplesThe patient developed severe pain and distension.


Broader (hypernym)symptom

Narrower (hyponym)ache, aching, agony, arthralgia, burn, burning, causalgia, chest pain, chiralgia, colic, costalgia, distress, dysmenorrhea, excruciation, glossalgia, glossodynia, gripes, griping, growing pains, haemorrhoid, hemorrhoid, intestinal colic, keratalgia, labor pain, mastalgia, melagra, meralgia, metralgia, myalgia, myodynia, nephralgia, neuralgia, neuralgy, odynophagia, orchidalgia, pang, pang, photalgia, photophobia, piles, pleuralgia, pleurodynia, podalgia, proctalgia, rawness, referred pain, renal colic, smart, smarting, smartness, soreness, sting, sting, stinging, stitch, suffering, tenderness, thermalgesia, throb, torment, torture, ulalgia, urodynia

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