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English noun: electronics

1. electronics (cognition) the branch of physics that deals with the emission and effects of electrons and with the use of electronic devices

Broader (hypernym)natural philosophy, physics

Narrower (hyponym)electron optics, microelectronics, thermionics

Domain category membersanalog, analogue, attenuated, base, characterisic function, characteristic, characteristic curve, clipper, contact, decouple, demodulation, device characteristic, digital, dope, echo, electronic network, electronic transistor, fault, frequency response, frequency-response characteristic, frequency-response curve, growing, heterodyne, impulse, junction transistor, limiter, linear, modulation, mono, monophonic, network, pulsation, pulse, pulsing, redundancy, ripple, series, single-channel, solid-state, stand-alone, stereo, stereophonic, sunrise industry, tangency, time constant, transistor, two-channel

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