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English noun: reality

1. reality (cognition) all of your experiences that determine how things appear to you

SamplesHis world was shattered.
We live in different worlds.
For them demons were as much a part of reality as trees were.


Broader (hypernym)experience

Narrower (hyponym)real life, real world

2. reality (state) the state of being actual or real

SamplesThe reality of his situation slowly dawned on him.

Synonymsrealism, realness

Broader (hypernym)actuality

Narrower (hyponym)fact

Attributeexistent, real, unreal

Antonymsirreality, unreality

3. reality (state) the state of the world as it really is rather than as you might want it to be

SamplesBusinessmen have to face harsh realities.

Broader (hypernym)actuality

Narrower (hyponym)historicalness

4. reality (attribute) the quality possessed by something that is real

Broader (hypernym)corporality, corporeality, materiality, physicalness


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