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English noun: genre

1. genre (cognition) a kind of literary or artistic work

Broader (hypernym)form, kind, sort, variety

2. genre (communication) a style of expressing yourself in writing

Synonymsliterary genre, writing style

Broader (hypernym)expressive style, style

Narrower (hyponym)drama, form, poesy, poetry, prose, verse

3. genre (communication) an expressive style of music

Synonymsmusic genre, musical genre, musical style

Broader (hypernym)expressive style, music, style

Narrower (hyponym)African-American music, black music, church music, classical, classical music, march, marching music, popular music, popular music genre, religious music, serious music

Domain category memberscrossover

4. genre (artifact) a class of art (or artistic endeavor) having a characteristic form or technique

Broader (hypernym)art, fine art

Narrower (hyponym)abstract art, abstractionism, chinoiserie, folk art, genre painting, landscape, landscape painting, magic realism, modernism, naive art, outsider art, pointillism, postmodernism, primitive art, primitivism, self-taught art, synthetism, vernacular art

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