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English noun: television

1. television (communication) broadcasting visual images of stationary or moving objects

SamplesShe is a star of screen and video.
Television is a medium because it is neither rare nor well done.

Synonymstelecasting, TV, video

Broader (hypernym)broadcasting

Narrower (hyponym)cable, cable television, HDTV, high-definition television

Part holonymaudio, picture, sound, video

Domain category membersaction replay, boob tube, closed-captioned, colorcast, couch potato, frequency band, goggle box, idiot box, instant replay, replay, telecast, televise, television, television, television receiver, television set, television system, telly, tv, tv set, waveband

2. television (artifact) a telecommunication system that transmits images of objects (stationary or moving) between distant points

Synonymstelevision system

Broader (hypernym)telecom equipment, telecom system, telecommunication equipment, telecommunication system

Narrower (hyponym)cable, cable system, cable television, cable television service, closed-circuit television, color television, color television system, color TV, colour television, colour television system, colour TV, satellite television, satellite TV

Part holonymaudio, boob tube, cathode-ray tube, CRT, goggle box, idiot box, monitor, television, television equipment, television receiver, television set, television transmitter, telly, tv, tv set, video equipment

Domain categorytelecasting, television, TV, video

3. television (artifact) an electronic device that receives television signals and displays them on a screen

SamplesThe British call a tv set a telly.

Synonymsboob tube, goggle box, idiot box, television receiver, television set, telly, tv, tv set

Broader (hypernym)receiver, receiving system

Part holonymkinescope, picture tube, television tube

Part meronymtelevision, television system

Domain categorytelecasting, television, TV, video

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