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English adjective: intelligent

1. intelligent having the capacity for thought and reason especially to a high degree

SamplesIs there intelligent life in the universe?.
An intelligent question.

Similaragile, apt, born, brainy, bright, brilliant, clever, innate, natural, nimble, prehensile, quick, ready, scintillating, searching, smart, smart as a whip, trenchant

See alsoprecocious, smart


Antonymsunintelligent, stupid

2. intelligent possessing sound knowledge

SamplesWell-informed readers.



Antonymsnaif, naive

3. intelligent exercising or showing good judgment

SamplesHealthy scepticism.
A healthy fear of rattlesnakes.
The healthy attitude of French laws.
Healthy relations between labor and management.
An intelligent solution.
A sound approach to the problem.
Sound advice.
No sound explanation for his decision.

Synonymshealthy, level-headed, levelheaded, sound

Similarreasonable, sensible


4. intelligent endowed with the capacity to reason

Synonymsreasoning, thinking



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