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English adjective: tubercular

1. tubercular characterized by the presence of tuberculosis lesions or tubercles

SamplesTubercular leprosy.

2. tubercular pertaining to or of the nature of a normal tuberosity or tubercle

SamplesA tubercular process for the attachment of a ligament or muscle.

3. tubercular relating to tuberculosis or those suffering from it

SamplesA tubercular hospital.

4. tubercular constituting or afflicted with or caused by tuberculosis or the tubercle bacillus

SamplesA tubercular child.
Tuberculous patients.
Tubercular meningitis.


Similarill, sick


English noun: tubercular

1. tubercular (person) a person with pulmonary tuberculosis

Synonymsconsumptive, lunger

Broader (hypernym)diseased person, sick person, sufferer

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