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English noun: sick person

1. sick person (person) a person suffering from an illness

Synonymsdiseased person, sufferer

Broader (hypernym)unfortunate, unfortunate person

Narrower (hyponym)anorectic, anorexic, bleeder, bulimic, consumptive, convalescent, depressive, diabetic, dyspeptic, epileptic, haemophile, haemophiliac, hemophile, hemophiliac, incurable, insomniac, invalid, lazar, leper, lunatic, lunger, madman, maniac, manic-depressive, mental case, monomaniac, narcoleptic, neurasthenic, neurotic, patient, psycho, psychoneurotic, psychotic, psychotic person, rheumatic, shut-in, sleepless person, spewer, syphilitic, tubercular, valetudinarian, vomiter

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