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English adjective: indulgent

1. indulgent characterized by or given to yielding to the wishes of someone

SamplesIndulgent grandparents.

Similarbetting, card-playing, decadent, dissipated, effete, epicurean, epicurean, gay, hard, heavy, hedonic, hedonistic, intemperate, luxuriant, luxurious, overindulgent, pampering, self-indulgent, sporting, sybaritic, voluptuary, voluptuous

See alsogluttonous

Antonymsnonindulgent, strict

2. indulgent tolerant or lenient

SamplesIndulgent parents risk spoiling their children.
Too soft on the children.
They are soft on crime.

Synonymslenient, soft



3. indulgent being favorably inclined

SamplesAn indulgent attitude.

Similarfavorable, favourable

Antonymsunfavorable, unfavourable

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