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English noun: foodstuff

1. foodstuff (artifact) (usually plural) consumer goods sold by a grocer


Broader (hypernym)consumer goods

Narrower (hyponym)greengrocery, packaged goods

Domain usageplural, plural form

2. foodstuff (food) a substance that can be used or prepared for use as food

Synonymsfood product

Broader (hypernym)food, nutrient

Narrower (hyponym)breadstuff, canned food, canned foods, canned goods, carob, carob powder, cereal, cocoa, coloring, colouring, concentrate, concoction, curd, dairy product, dehydrated food, dehydrated foods, egg, eggs, fiber, fixings, flour, food color, food coloring, food colour, food colouring, food grain, frozen food, frozen foods, grain, ingredient, intermixture, juice, meal, milk, mixture, perishable, roughage, Saint-John's-bread, spoilable, starches, tapioca, tinned goods

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