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English noun: card game

1. card game (act) a game played with playing cards


Broader (hypernym)game

Narrower (hyponym)all fours, baccarat, beggar-my-neighbor, beggar-my-neighbour, bezique, blackjack, boodle, bridge, casino, cassino, chemin de fer, Chicago, crib, cribbage, ecarte, euchre, fantan, faro, five hundred, four-card monte, Go Fish, high-low-jack, long whist, Michigan, monte, nap, Napoleon, Newmarket, old maid, parliament, patience, penuchle, pinochle, pinocle, piquet, pisha paysha, poker, poker game, rouge et noir, rum, rummy, sevens, short whist, solitaire, stops, strip-Jack-naked, three-card monte, trente-et-quarante, twenty-one, vingt-et-un, whist

Part holonymcall, cut, cutting, deal, discard, double, doubling, lead, make, renege, revoke, shuffle, shuffling

Domain category membersante, bid, bluff, bluff out, book, call, check, cover, crossruff, deal, deal, deal, discard, exit, fourhanded, lurch, misdeal, overtrump, pitch, raise, reshuffle, reshuffle, reshuffling, revoke, riffle, ruff, ruff, see, shoe, skunk, trick, trump, trump, trumping, unblock, underplay

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