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English noun: skilled workman

1. skilled workman (person) a worker who has acquired special skills

Synonymsskilled worker, trained worker

Broader (hypernym)worker

Narrower (hyponym)aeronaut, aesthetician, airman, aquanaut, armorer, armourer, artificer, artisan, aviator, baker, balloonist, bread maker, butcher, calligrapher, calligraphist, coiner, cook, craftsman, crew member, crewman, crewman, cutter, dental hygienist, draftsman, draftsperson, draughtsman, dyer, editor, editor in chief, electrician, engraver, esthetician, fisher, fisherman, fixer, flier, flyer, founder, framer, fumigator, functionary, funeral director, funeral undertaker, galvaniser, galvanizer, gilder, grip, harpooneer, harpooner, hunter, huntsman, indexer, journeyman, laminator, lens maker, lineman, linesman, lobsterman, lockkeeper, lockman, lockmaster, man, mender, metalworker, military man, military personnel, minter, moneyer, mortician, mounter, oceanaut, official, oilman, optician, painter, perfecter, phlebotomist, piano tuner, plaiter, plasterer, plater, power worker, power-station worker, preserver, pressman, printer, projectionist, refiner, refinisher, renovator, repairer, restorer, riveter, rivetter, router, sailor, serviceman, shearer, skinner, slaughterer, smith, smith, technician, tuner, turner, turtler, undertaker, voicer, vulcaniser, vulcanizer, wall-paperer, wallpaperer, wireman, wirer

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