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English noun: craftsman

1. craftsman (person) a professional whose work is consistently of high quality

SamplesAs an actor he was a consummate craftsman.

Broader (hypernym)professional, professional person

2. craftsman (person) a creator of great skill in the manual arts

SamplesThe jewelry was made by internationally famous craftsmen.


Broader (hypernym)creator

3. craftsman (person) a skilled worker who practices some trade or handicraft

Synonymsartificer, artisan, journeyman

Broader (hypernym)skilled worker, skilled workman, trained worker

Narrower (hyponym)animal stuffer, barrel maker, beautician, bookbinder, bricklayer, ceramicist, ceramist, clockmaker, clocksmith, coachbuilder, construction worker, cooper, coppersmith, cosmetician, currier, die-sinker, diemaker, diesinker, glass cutter, glass-cutter, glassblower, glassworker, glazer, glazier, gold-beater, goldbeater, hairdresser, hairstylist, hard hat, luthier, machinist, mason, mechanic, miller, paperer, paperhanger, pipe fitter, plumber, potter, rigger, roofer, rope-maker, ropemaker, roper, shop mechanic, steamfitter, stonemason, stuffer, styler, stylist, tanner, taxidermist, thrower, upholsterer, weaver, welder, window dresser, window trimmer, woodman, woodsman, woodworker, wright

Instance hyponymMorris, William Morris

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