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English noun: confection

1. confection (food) a food rich in sugar


Broader (hypernym)dainty, delicacy, goody, kickshaw, treat

Narrower (hyponym)candied apple, candy, candy apple, caramel apple, center, centre, chewing gum, comfit, confect, confectionery, confiture, gum, hardbake, maraschino, maraschino cherry, nonpareil, sweetmeat, taffy apple, toffee apple

2. confection (act) the act of creating something (a medicine or drink or soup etc.) by compounding or mixing a variety of components


Broader (hypernym)creating from raw materials

English verb: confection

1. confection (creation) make into a confection

SamplesThis medicine is home-confected.

Synonymscomfit, confect

Pattern of useSomebody ----s something

Broader (hypernym)assemble, piece, put together, set up, tack, tack together

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