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English noun: elaboration

1. elaboration (act) addition of extra material or illustration or clarifying detail

SamplesA few remarks added in amplification and defense.
An elaboration of the sketch followed.


Broader (hypernym)expanding upon, expansion

2. elaboration (event) the result of improving something

SamplesHe described a refinement of this technique.


Broader (hypernym)advance, betterment, improvement

3. elaboration (communication) a discussion that provides additional information

Synonymsenlargement, expansion

Broader (hypernym)discourse, discussion, treatment

Narrower (hyponym)embellishment, embroidery, expatiation

4. elaboration (attribute) marked by elaborately complex detail

Synonymselaborateness, intricacy, involution

Broader (hypernym)complexity, complexness

5. elaboration (act) developing in intricate and painstaking detail

Synonymsworking out

Broader (hypernym)development

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