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English noun: plant order

1. plant order (plant) the order of plants

Broader (hypernym)order

Narrower (hyponym)Alismales, Andreaeales, Anthocerotales, Arales, Aristolochiales, Bennettitales, Bryales, Campanulales, Caryophyllales, Casuarinales, Chenopodiales, Commelinales, Coniferales, Cordaitales, Cycadales, Cycadofilicales, Diapensiales, Dicranales, Ebenales, Equisetales, Ericales, Eubryales, Fagales, Filicales, Gentianales, Geraniales, Ginkgoales, Gnetales, Graminales, Guttiferales, Hypericales, Isoetales, Juglandales, Jungermanniales, Lepidodendrales, Liliales, Lycopodiales, Lyginopteridales, Malvales, Marattiales, Marchantiales, Musales, Myricales, Myrtales, Naiadales, Oleales, Ophioglossales, Opuntiales, Orchidales, order Alismales, order Andreaeales, order Anthocerotales, order Arales, order Aristolochiales, order Bennettitales, order Bryales, order Campanulales, order Caryophyllales, order Casuarinales, order Commelinales, order Coniferales, order Cordaitales, order Cycadales, order Cycadofilicales, order Diapensiales, order Dicranales, order Ebenales, order Equisetales, order Ericales, order Eubryales, order Fagales, order Filicales, order Gentianales, order Geraniales, order Ginkgoales, order Gnetales, order Graminales, order Guttiferales, order Hypericales, order Isoetales, order Juglandales, order Jungermanniales, order Lepidodendrales, order Liliales, order Lycopodiales, order Lyginopteridales, order Malvales, order Marattiales, order Marchantiales, order Musales, order Myricales, order Myrtales, order Naiadales, order Oleales, order Ophioglossales, order Opuntiales, order Orchidales, order Palmales, order Pandanales, order Papaverales, order Parietales, order Piperales, order Plantaginales, order Plumbaginales, order Polemoniales, order Polygonales, order Polypodiales, order Primulales, order Proteales, order Psilophytales, order Psilotales, order Ranales, order Ranunculales, order Rhamnales, order Rhoeadales, order Rosales, order Rubiales, order Salicales, order Santalales, order Sapindales, order Sarraceniales, order Scrophulariales, order Selaginellales, order Sphaerocarpales, order Sphagnales, order Taxales, order Thymelaeales, order Umbellales, order Urticales, order Xyridales, order-Chenopodiales, Palmales, Pandanales, Papaverales, Parietales, Piperales, Plantaginales, Plumbaginales, Polemoniales, Polygonales, Polypodiales, Primulales, Proteales, Psilophytales, Psilotales, Ranales, Ranunculales, Rhamnales, Rhoeadales, Rosales, Rubiales, Salicales, Santalales, Sapindales, Sarraceniales, Scrophulariales, Selaginellales, Sphaerocarpales, Sphagnales, Taxales, Thymelaeales, Umbellales, Urticales, Xyridales

Member meronymkingdom Plantae, plant kingdom, Plantae

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