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English adjective: sweet

1. sweet having or denoting the characteristic taste of sugar

Similarcloying, saccharine, sweetish, syrupy, treacly

See alsosugary, sweet, tasty


2. sweet having a sweet nature befitting an angel or cherub

SamplesAn angelic smile.
A cherubic face.
Looking so seraphic when he slept.
A sweet disposition.

Synonymsangelic, angelical, cherubic, seraphic

Similarlovable, loveable


3. sweet pleasing to the ear

SamplesThe dulcet tones of the cello.

Synonymsdulcet, honeyed, mellifluous, mellisonant

Similarmelodic, melodious, musical

Antonymsunmelodic, unmelodious, unmusical

4. sweet pleasing to the senses

SamplesThe sweet song of the lark.
The sweet face of a child.



5. sweet pleasing to the mind or feeling

SamplesSweet revenge.




6. sweet having a natural fragrance

SamplesOdoriferous spices.
The odorous air of the orchard.
The perfumed air of June.
Scented flowers.

Synonymsodoriferous, odorous, perfumed, scented, sweet-scented, sweet-smelling


Antonymsill-smelling, malodorous, malodourous, stinky, unpleasant-smelling

7. sweet (used of wines) having a high residual sugar content

SamplesSweet dessert wines.

See alsosugary, sweet


8. sweet not containing or composed of salt water

SamplesFresh water.



9. sweet not soured or preserved

SamplesSweet milk.

Synonymsfresh, unfermented



10. sweet with sweetening added

Synonymssugared, sweet-flavored, sweetened


Antonymsnonsweet, sugarless

English noun: Sweet

1. Sweet (person) English phonetician; one of the founders of modern phonetics (1845-1912)

SynonymsHenry Sweet

Instance hypernymphonetician

2. sweet (food) a dish served as the last course of a meal

Synonymsafters, dessert

Broader (hypernym)course

Narrower (hyponym)ambrosia, baked Alaska, blancmange, charlotte, compote, dumpling, flan, frozen dessert, fruit compote, junket, mold, mould, mousse, pavlova, peach melba, pud, pudding, pudding, sabayon, sillabub, syllabub, tiramisu, whip, zabaglione

3. sweet (food) a food rich in sugar


Broader (hypernym)dainty, delicacy, goody, kickshaw, treat

Narrower (hyponym)candied apple, candy, candy apple, caramel apple, center, centre, chewing gum, comfit, confect, confectionery, confiture, gum, hardbake, maraschino, maraschino cherry, nonpareil, sweetmeat, taffy apple, toffee apple

4. sweet (cognition) the taste experience when sugar dissolves in the mouth

Synonymssugariness, sweetness

Broader (hypernym)gustatory perception, gustatory sensation, taste, taste perception, taste sensation

5. sweet (attribute) the property of tasting as if it contains sugar


Broader (hypernym)taste property

Narrower (hyponym)saccharinity, sugariness

English adverb: sweet

1. sweet in an affectionate or loving manner (`sweet' is sometimes a poetic or informal variant of `sweetly')

SamplesSusan Hayward plays the wife sharply and sweetly.
How sweet the moonlight sleeps upon this bank.
Talking sweet to each other.


Domain categorypoesy, poetry, verse

Domain usagecolloquialism

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