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English noun: clematis

1. clematis (plant) any of various ornamental climbing plants of the genus Clematis usually having showy flowers

Broader (hypernym)climber, vine

Narrower (hyponym)blue jasmine, blue jessamine, Clematis baldwinii, Clematis crispa, Clematis lasiantha, Clematis ochreleuca, Clematis tangutica, Clematis texensis, Clematis versicolor, Clematis verticillaris, Clematis viorna, Clematis virginiana, Clematis vitalba, curly clematis, curly-heads, devil's darning needle, golden clematis, leather flower, leather flower, marsh clematis, mountain clematis, old man's beard, old man's beard, pine hyacinth, pipestem clematis, purple clematis, purple virgin's bower, scarlet clematis, traveler's joy, traveller's joy, vase vine, vase-fine, Viorna baldwinii, virgin's bower

Member meronymgenus Clematis

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