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English noun: silver fir

1. silver fir (plant) any of various true firs having leaves white or silvery white beneath

Broader (hypernym)fir, fir tree, true fir

Narrower (hyponym)Abies alba, Abies amabilis, Abies balsamea, Abies concolor, Abies fraseri, Abies grandis, Abies lasiocarpa, Abies lowiana, Alpine fir, amabilis fir, balm of Gilead, balsam fir, California white fir, Canada balsam, Christmas tree, Christmas tree, Colorado fir, European silver fir, Fraser fir, giant fir, grand fir, lowland fir, lowland white fir, Pacific silver fir, red silver fir, subalpine fir, white fir, white fir

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