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English noun: Sterculiaceae

1. Sterculiaceae (plant) a large family of plants of order Malvales

Synonymsfamily Sterculiaceae, sterculia family

Broader (hypernym)dilleniid dicot family

Member holonymBrachychiton, Cola, Firmiana, Fremontia, Fremontodendron, genus Brachychiton, genus Cola, genus Dombeya, genus Firmiana, genus Fremontia, genus Fremontodendron, genus Helicteres, genus Heritiera, genus Hermannia, genus Pterospermum, genus Sterculia, genus Tarrietia, genus Terrietia, genus Theobroma, genus Triplochiton, Helicteres, Heritiera, Hermannia, Pterospermum, Tarrietia, Terrietia, Theobroma, Triplochiton

Member meronymMalvales, order Malvales

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