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English adjective: unaffected

1. unaffected undergoing no change when acted upon

SamplesEntirely unaffected by each other's writings.
Fibers remained apparently unaffected by the treatment.

Similarimmune, superior, unimpressed, uninfluenced, unswayed, untouched

See alsounaffected, unmoved, untouched


2. unaffected unaware of or indifferent to

SamplesInsensible to the suffering around him.




3. unaffected emotionally unmoved

SamplesAlways appeared completely unmoved and imperturbable.

Synonymsunmoved, untouched

See alsounaffected, unemotional

Antonymsmoved, stirred, touched, affected

4. unaffected free of artificiality; sincere and genuine

SamplesAn unaffected grace.

Similarlifelike, natural, unmannered, unselfconscious, unstilted

See alsouncontrived, unstudied


Antonymsaffected, unnatural

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