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English noun: rockfish

1. rockfish (food) the lean flesh of any of various valuable market fish caught among rocks

Broader (hypernym)saltwater fish

Narrower (hyponym)ocean perch, redfish, rosefish

Part meronymrockfish

2. rockfish (animal) marine food fish found among rocks along the northern coasts of Europe and America

Broader (hypernym)scorpaenid, scorpaenid fish

Narrower (hyponym)copper rockfish, ocean perch, rasher, red rockfish, rosefish, Sebastodes caurinus, Sebastodes marinus, Sebastodes miniatus, Sebastodes ruberrimus, vermillion rockfish

Part holonymrockfish

Member meronymgenus Sebastodes, Sebastodes

3. rockfish (animal) marine food and game fish with dark longitudinal stripes; migrates upriver to spawn; sometimes placed in the genus Morone

SynonymsRoccus saxatilis, striped bass, striper

Broader (hypernym)sea bass

Member meronymgenus Roccus, Roccus

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