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English noun: trademark

1. trademark (attribute) a distinctive characteristic or attribute

Synonymsearmark, hallmark, stylemark

Broader (hypernym)characteristic

Narrower (hyponym)mold, mould

2. trademark (communication) a formally registered symbol identifying the manufacturer or distributor of a product

Broader (hypernym)mark, marker, marking

Narrower (hyponym)logo, logotype, Sharpie

Domain usage membersAlka-seltzer, Ask Jeeves, Bakelite, Band Aid, Brioschi, Bromo-seltzer, Carboloy, carborundum, Clorox, Colt, Courtelle, Crazy Glue, Crock Pot, Drambuie, Dumpster, Duralumin, Elastoplast, Formica, Freon, Frisbee, Harris Tweed, Hoover, Hum-Vee, Humvee, Inconel, Invar, iPod, Jaws of Life, Kitty Litter, Kleenex, Kwell, Lastex, Liederkranz, Life Saver, Lilo, Link trainer, Linux, Loafer, Luger, Maalox, Malathion, Masonite, Microtaggant, Model T, Monopoly, Mylanta, Mylar, Nichrome, Orlon, Pablum, Parcheesi, Pepto-bismal, Phillips screw, Plasticine, Pyrex, Realtor, Rolaids, Rollerblade, Rolodex, Scrabble, Seeing Eye dog, Sheetrock, Silex, Skivvies, Sno-cat, Spam, Spode, Stanley Steamer, Styrofoam, Teleprompter, Tums, Twinkie, Ultrasuede, Vaseline, Velcro, Victrola, video iPod, Vinylite, Viyella, Walkman, Wedgwood, Winchester, Windows, Yahoo

English verb: trademark

1. trademark (contact) mark with a brand or trademark

SamplesWhen this product is not branded it sells for a lower price.

Synonymsbrand, brandmark

Pattern of useSomebody ----s something

Broader (hypernym)label, mark, tag

2. trademark (communication) register the trademark of

SamplesThe company trademarked their new gadget.

Pattern of useSomebody ----s something

Broader (hypernym)file, register

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