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English noun: topic

1. topic (communication) the subject matter of a conversation or discussion

SamplesHe didn't want to discuss that subject.
It was a very sensitive topic.
His letters were always on the theme of love.

Synonymssubject, theme

Broader (hypernym)content, message, subject matter, substance

Narrower (hyponym)bone of contention, head, keynote, precedent, question

2. topic (cognition) some situation or event that is thought about

SamplesHe kept drifting off the topic.
He had been thinking about the subject for several years.
It is a matter for the police.

Synonymsissue, matter, subject

Broader (hypernym)cognitive content, content, mental object

Narrower (hyponym)area, blind spot, remit, res adjudicata, res judicata

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