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English noun: club

1. club (group) a team of professional baseball players who play and travel together

SamplesEach club played six home games with teams in its own division.

Synonymsball club, baseball club, nine

Broader (hypernym)baseball team

Member meronymbaseball league

2. club (group) a formal association of people with similar interests

SamplesHe joined a golf club.
They formed a small lunch society.
Men from the fraternal order will staff the soup kitchen today.

Synonymsgild, guild, lodge, order, social club, society

Broader (hypernym)association

Narrower (hyponym)athenaeum, atheneum, boat club, bookclub, chapter, chess club, country club, frat, fraternity, glee club, golf club, hunt, hunt club, investors club, jockey club, racket club, rowing club, service club, slate club, sorority, turnverein, yacht club

Member holonymclub member

3. club (artifact) stout stick that is larger at one end

SamplesHe carried a club in self defense.
He felt as if he had been hit with a club.

Broader (hypernym)stick

Narrower (hyponym)bat, baton, billy, billy club, billystick, bludgeon, cudgel, Indian club, knobkerrie, knobkerry, lathee, lathi, nightstick, truncheon

4. club (artifact) a building that is occupied by a social club

SamplesThe clubhouse needed a new roof.


Broader (hypernym)building, edifice

Part holonymclubroom, reading room

5. club (artifact) golf equipment used by a golfer to hit a golf ball

Synonymsgolf club, golf-club

Broader (hypernym)golf equipment

Narrower (hyponym)iron, wood

Part holonymclub head, club-head, clubhead, golf-club head

6. club (artifact) a playing card in the minor suit that has one or more black trefoils on it

SamplesHe led a small club.
Clubs were trumps.

Broader (hypernym)playing card

Member meronymminor suit

7. club (artifact) a spot that is open late at night and that provides entertainment (as singers or dancers) as well as dancing and food and drink

SamplesDon't expect a good meal at a cabaret.
The gossip columnist got his information by visiting nightclubs every night.
He played the drums at a jazz club.

Synonymscabaret, night club, nightclub, nightspot

Broader (hypernym)spot

Narrower (hyponym)dive, honkytonk, supper club

English verb: club

1. club (social) unite with a common purpose

SamplesThe two men clubbed together.

Pattern of useSomebody ----s.
Somebody ----s PP

Broader (hypernym)unify, unite

2. club (social) gather and spend time together

SamplesThey always club together.

Pattern of useSomebody ----s

Broader (hypernym)assemble, foregather, forgather, gather, meet

3. club (contact) strike with a club or a bludgeon

ExamplesThe fighter managed to club his opponent


Pattern of useSomebody ----s somebody

Broader (hypernym)hit

4. club (contact) gather into a club-like mass

SamplesClub hair.

Pattern of useSomebody ----s something

Broader (hypernym)collect, garner, gather, pull together

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