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English noun: fortification

1. fortification (artifact) defensive structure consisting of walls or mounds built around a stronghold to strengthen it


Broader (hypernym)defence, defense, defensive structure

Narrower (hyponym)bastion, breastwork, bunker, castle, defilade, dugout, entrenchment, escarp, escarpment, fieldwork, intrenchment, lunette, palisade, parapet, protective embankment, redoubt, scarp, stockade

Instance hyponymMaginot Line, Siegfried line

Part holonymbulwark, rampart, wall

2. fortification (cognition) the art or science of strengthening defenses

Broader (hypernym)art, artistry, prowess

3. fortification (act) the addition of an ingredient for the purpose of enrichment (as the addition of alcohol to wine or the addition of vitamins to food)

Broader (hypernym)enrichment

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