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English noun: squad

1. squad (group) a smallest army unit

Broader (hypernym)army unit

Narrower (hyponym)firing party, firing squad

2. squad (group) a cooperative unit (especially in sports)


Broader (hypernym)social unit, unit

Narrower (hyponym)A-team, baseball team, basketball team, battery, crew, defence, defending team, defense, eleven, first team, five, flying squad, football team, hit squad, hockey team, junior varsity, JV, little-league team, major-league club, major-league team, minor-league club, minor-league team, offence, offense, police squad, powerhouse, second string, section, squad, varsity

Part holonymbench

Member holonymstringer

3. squad (group) a small squad of policemen trained to deal with a particular kind of crime

Synonymspolice squad

Broader (hypernym)squad, team

Narrower (hyponym)platoon, Special Weapons and Tactics squad, Special Weapons and Tactics team, SWAT squad, SWAT team, vice squad

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