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English adjective: chief

1. chief most important element

SamplesThe chief aim of living.
The main doors were of solid glass.
The principal rivers of America.
The principal example.
Policemen were primary targets.
The master bedroom.
A master switch.

Synonymsmain, master, primary, principal

Similarimportant, of import


English noun: chief

1. chief (person) a person who is in charge

SamplesThe head of the whole operation.

Synonymshead, top dog

Broader (hypernym)leader

Narrower (hyponym)administrator, administrator, capo, decision maker, department head, don, executive, father, general, general manager, grand dragon, head of household, secretary, superior general

2. chief (person) a person who exercises control over workers

SamplesIf you want to leave early you have to ask the foreman.

Synonymsboss, foreman, gaffer, honcho

Broader (hypernym)supervisor

Narrower (hyponym)assistant foreman, baas, ganger, straw boss

3. chief (person) the head of a tribe or clan

Synonymschieftain, headman, tribal chief

Broader (hypernym)leader

Narrower (hyponym)Indian chief, Indian chieftain, pendragon

Instance hyponymGlendower, Hrolf, Owen Glendower, Rolf, Rollo

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