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English noun: emblem

1. emblem (artifact) special design or visual object representing a quality, type, group, etc.

Broader (hypernym)design, figure, pattern

Narrower (hyponym)colophon, colors, colours, crest, Cross, device, flag, heraldry, skull and crossbones, totem, totem pole

2. emblem (communication) a visible symbol representing an abstract idea


Broader (hypernym)symbol, symbolic representation, symbolisation, symbolization

Narrower (hyponym)Agnus Dei, badge, cupid, donkey, dove, eagle, elephant, ensign, fasces, Hakenkreuz, hammer and sickle, Magen David, maple-leaf, medallion, Mogen David, national flag, Paschal Lamb, red flag, scarlet letter, Shield of David, Solomon's seal, spread eagle, Star of David, swastika

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