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English noun: Commelinidae

1. Commelinidae (plant) one of four subclasses or superorders of Monocotyledones; comprises about 19,000 species in 25 families of mostly terrestrial herbs especially of moist places including: Cyperaceae; Gramineae; Bromeliaceae; and Zingiberaceae

Synonymssubclass Commelinidae

Broader (hypernym)class

Member holonymCommelinales, Graminales, Musales, order Commelinales, order Graminales, order Musales, order Xyridales, Xyridales

Member meronymclass Liliopsida, class Monocotyledonae, class Monocotyledones, Liliopsida, Monocotyledonae, Monocotyledones

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