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English noun: division Bryophyta

1. division Bryophyta (plant) a division of nonflowering plants characterized by rhizoids rather than true roots and having little or no organized vascular tissue and showing alternation of generations between gamete-bearing forms and spore-bearing forms; comprises true mosses (Bryopsida) and liverworts (Hepaticopsida) and hornworts (Anthoceropsida)


Broader (hypernym)division

Member holonymAnthoceropsida, bryophyte, Bryopsida, class Anthoceropsida, class Bryopsida, class Hepaticae, class Hepaticopsida, class Musci, Hepaticae, Hepaticopsida, moss family, moss genus, Musci, nonvascular plant

Member meronymkingdom Plantae, plant kingdom, Plantae

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