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English noun: listing

1. listing (communication) a database containing an ordered array of items (names or topics)


Broader (hypernym)database

Narrower (hyponym)A-list, agenda, agendum, bibliography, bill, black book, blacklist, calendar, calorie chart, canon, catalog, catalogue, character set, checklist, class list, codex, computer menu, contents, corrigenda, credits, criminal record, directory, distribution list, enumeration, FAQ, flag, free list, grocery list, hit list, hit parade, honours list, index, inventory, key, key, mailing list, masthead, menu, necrology, numbering, order of business, play list, playlist, portfolio, posting, price list, push-down list, push-down stack, queue, record, roll, roster, schedule, shitlist, shopping list, shopping list, short list, shortlist, sick list, slate, stack, standing, stock list, table of contents, ticket, wish list

Part holonymitem, point

2. listing (act) the act of making a list of items

Synonymsitemisation, itemization

Broader (hypernym)organisation, organization

Narrower (hyponym)inventory, inventorying, stock-taking, stocktaking

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