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English verb: detain

1. detain (social) deprive of freedom; take into confinement

ExamplesThey want to detain the prisoners


Pattern of useSomebody ----s somebody

Narrower (hyponym)bind over, cage, cage in, gaol, immure, imprison, imprison, incarcerate, intern, jail, jug, keep, keep in, lag, pin down, put away, put behind bars, remand, straiten, trap

Antonymsfree, loose, unloose, unloosen, liberate, release

2. detain (change) stop or halt

SamplesPlease stay the bloodshed!.

Synonymsdelay, stay

Pattern of useSomebody ----s something

Broader (hypernym)check, delay, retard

3. detain (change) cause to be slowed down or delayed

SamplesTraffic was delayed by the bad weather.
She delayed the work that she didn't want to perform.

Synonymsdelay, hold up

Pattern of useSomebody ----s something.
Something ----s somebody.
Something ----s something

Broader (hypernym)decelerate, retard, slow, slow down, slow up

Narrower (hyponym)buy time, catch, stall, stonewall

Antonymshurry, rush

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