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English noun: Schweiz

1. Schweiz (location) a landlocked federal republic in central Europe

SynonymsSuisse, Svizzera, Swiss Confederation, Switzerland

Instance hypernymEuropean country, European nation

Part holonymAar, Aare, Aare River, Alps, Bale, Basel, Basle, Bern, Berne, capital of Switzerland, Geneva, Geneve, Genf, Interlaken, Lake Geneva, Lake Leman, Lausanne, Matterhorn, Rhein, Rhine, Rhine River, Rhone, Rhone River, Savoy, Swiss canton, Tessin, the Alps, Ticino, Weisshorn, Zurich

Part meronymEurope

Domain region membersbattle of Sempatch, commune, International Relations and Security Network, ISN, Sempatch

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