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English noun: convention

1. convention (group) a large formal assembly

SamplesPolitical convention.

Broader (hypernym)group meeting, meeting

Narrower (hyponym)Constitutional Convention

2. convention (cognition) something regarded as a normative example

SamplesThe convention of not naming the main character.
Violence is the rule not the exception.
His formula for impressing visitors.

Synonymsformula, normal, pattern, rule

Broader (hypernym)practice

Narrower (hyponym)code of behavior, code of conduct, mores, universal

3. convention (communication) (diplomacy) an international agreement

Broader (hypernym)accord, pact, treaty

Instance hyponymChemical Weapons Convention, Geneva Convention

Domain categorydiplomacy, diplomatic negotiations

4. convention (attribute) orthodoxy as a consequence of being conventional

Synonymsconventionalism, conventionality

Broader (hypernym)orthodoxy

Narrower (hyponym)conformity, ossification

Attributeconventional, unconventional


5. convention (act) the act of convening


Broader (hypernym)assemblage, assembly, gathering

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