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English noun: pathology

1. pathology (cognition) the branch of medical science that studies the causes and nature and effects of diseases

Broader (hypernym)medical science

Narrower (hyponym)palaeopathology, paleopathology

Domain category membersactive, amyloid, benign, bleb, blister, bulla, clostridial myonecrosis, cold gangrene, dry gangrene, emphysematous gangrene, emphysematous phlegmon, excrescence, fistular, fistulate, fistulous, functional, gangrenous emphysema, gas gangrene, gas phlegmon, growth, inactive, incubation, indolent, insufficiency, irritable, irritation, jactation, jactitation, latent, malignant, mumification necrosis, mummification, nebula, nonspecific, organic, plaque, progressive emphysematous necrosis, quiescent, shock, spasm, specific, stenosed, stenotic, strangulation, verruca, wart

2. pathology (state) any deviation from a healthy or normal condition

Broader (hypernym)health problem, ill health, unhealthiness

Narrower (hyponym)acidosis, adenomyosis, adhesion, alkalosis, anchylosis, angiopathy, ankylosis, anoxemia, aphagia, arteriectasia, arteriectasis, arthropathy, ascites, asynergia, asynergy, asystole, atelectasis, atherogenesis, autoimmunity, azotaemia, azotemia, azoturia, azymia, bacteremia, bacteriaemia, bacteriemia, bronzed diabetes, cardiac arrest, cardiopulmonary arrest, carotenemia, cartilaginification, coprolalia, cyst, demineralisation, demineralization, disfunction, diverticulosis, dysfunction, endometriosis, fibrosis, fluorosis, flux, gammopathy, gangrene, glossolalia, hemochromatosis, hydronephrosis, hyperbilirubinemia, induration, infarct, infarction, iron overload, iron-storage disease, lesion, lipomatosis, lithiasis, lymphadenopathy, macrocytosis, malacia, mastopathy, mazopathy, myopathy, neuropathy, osteoporosis, otorrhea, palilalia, priapism, pyorrhea, pyorrhoea, reflux, rhinopathy, sarcoidosis, sclerosis, slough, sphacelus, stasis, stenosis, stricture, uraemia, uremia, uropathy, varicosis, viraemia, viremia, volvulus, xanthemia

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