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English noun: turbulence

1. turbulence (phenomenon) unstable flow of a liquid or gas


Broader (hypernym)physical phenomenon

Narrower (hyponym)countercurrent, crosscurrent, rip, riptide, tide rip

2. turbulence (state) instability in the atmosphere

Broader (hypernym)bad weather, inclemency, inclementness

Narrower (hyponym)clear-air turbulence

3. turbulence (state) a state of violent disturbance and disorder (as in politics or social conditions generally)

SamplesThe industrial revolution was a period of great turbulence.

SynonymsSturm und Drang, upheaval

Broader (hypernym)disorder

Narrower (hyponym)agitation, ferment, fermentation, roller coaster, tempestuousness, unrest, violence

Domain categorygovernment, political science, politics

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